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The weekend of 19-21 July saw us hold the 3rd SKC/YKC Activity weekend at Errol, Perthshire. 

With 30 members (and their families) booked on this was our biggest (and dare I say best) camp to date.


Members had the opportunity to train in obedience, handling, agility, flyball, heelwork-to-music and tricks, as well as KC Good Citizen bronze tests, canine first aid workshops and Crufts qualifying heats for obedience, grooming and crossbreed competitions.

The members also participated in a social programme and team challenges. 5 of the veteran campers were appointed team leaders to support and guide the members in their team.  During team time the members made tuggy toys; created a new dog sport; designed collages; took part in sports night and made balloon towers.

This year we had a split of 50% new campers Vs 50% return campers, which created a really good dynamic and a really buzzing and friendly atmosphere. All feedback received at the event and since has been absolutely glowing. 

Perthshire Canine, Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland, and Aileen & Barbara Macdonald very kindly sponsored and prepared the welcome buffet dinner on Friday night for all campers. This was enjoyed by over 74 people, and was a fantastic spread. In future years we will introduce a nominal charge for extra parents/family members attending the buffet.


The event would not have been possible without the support of the YKC, Gillian, Martin and Franny & Jean Herron in the pre planning and run up to the event. 

I am Indebted to the fabulous team of helpers and trainers who so willingly and enthusiastically gave up there time to ensure that every kid was smiling, happy and learning throughout.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Martin & Family, Franny & Family, and my own mum for all their support and help and to Michaella Donaldson, Caitlin Forbes, and Ruth Dalrymple for getting stuck in and taking on various roles throughout the weekend. 

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