The formal requirements for competing in a Kennel Club licensed Agility show are quite simple: Your dog must be registered with the Kennel Club, either on the Breed Register or on the Activity Register.

Competitors taking part in any Kennel Club licensed event must familiarise themselves with the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations beforehand. The Agility Regulations can be found in the Agility and Flyball Regulations booklet. Dogs can only enter Agility shows when they are 18 months of age or over and have been officially measured and placed in the correct height category. You will need to have an Agility Record Book (available from the Kennel Club online shop) in which to record your dog's height category and all your competition wins and clear rounds.

Preparing your dog to be able to compete successfully will take a little longer than the formal requirements. It is essential that your dog is fully socialised and that you have effective control at all times, especially as your dog will be competing off-lead. For safety's sake it is recommended that dogs do not start training on equipment until they are at least a year old.


Types of Agility Shows

Agility Matches are restricted to members of the show society only.

Limited Agility Shows are restricted to members of the show society, or competitors from a certain area, or, limited to certain breeds, or, numbers of class entries, overall numbers of entries or other limited agreed by the Kennel Club. Limited agility shows may have 3 standard progression classes.

Open Agility Shows are just that, open to all who wish to take part and may cap the total number of dogs in a class (the minimum cap/limit is 250 dogs).

Premier Shows are those that hold Kennel Club qualifiers for Crufts, Discover Dogs or Olympia. They will also have standard qualifying classes.

Championship Agility Shows hold a special Championship Class which is divided into three separate rounds. The winner and 2nd placed dogs being awarded an Agility Certificate and a Reserve Agility Certificate.

To find out much more about Agility then click on the link to the Kennel Club .


  1. The competition shall be organised on a heat basis and there shall be 15 heats held each year.  Heats may only be held by Kennel Club registered Agility societies based in Scotland, who hold Open or Championship Shows and will hold the heat as separate classes at their own show(s).
  2.  Societies holding 2 shows may be granted permission to hold more than one heat.
  3. Heats will be held as a standard scheduled agility class, open to all dogs eligible to compete in that class.  The class will be held as a Combined or graded 6/7 Class. 
  4. Qualification from the heats is restricted to dogs, handlers and owners resident in Scotland and competing at Grades 6 & 7.
  5. The TWO FASTEST CLEAR ROUNDS, Large dogs, ONE FASTEST CLEAR ROUND, Medium dog and ONE FASTEST CLEAR ROUND, Small dog, will qualify to compete in the final which will be held at The Scottish Kennel Club August Show.
  6. Heats may not be held without written approval from The Scottish Kennel Club, otherwise heat qualifiers will be ineligible for the final.
  7. Heats must take place no later than, 15th July each year and the date of each heat must be advised to the Scottish Kennel Club at the time of application to hold a heat.
  8. Clubs holding heats will be responsible for notifying the qualifiers to The Scottish Kennel Club Office within seven working days of the heat and the last date for notifying results will be 22nd July each year.  Late notification will render the qualifiers ineligible for the Final.
  9. Handlers and dogs will qualify as a team.  Handlers may compete in more than one heat, but once qualified they may not qualify the same dog again in another heat but may qualify with other eligible dogs.
  10. Judges will be selected in each heat by the organising club who must be satisfied as to the judge’s competency to judge this standard of class.
  11. No expenses will be available for officials or competitors.
  12. Invitations for the final will be sent direct to finalists.
  13. Final will be held in accordance with Kennel Club H Rules and Regulations.


SADOTY - 25th AUGUST 2018

WINNER - Mrs L. Short - Ag Ch Give It Some Juice Irn Bruce